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Sσmɛ cigs, ɑ blɑck cσffɛɛ withσut sugɑr, my gσσd σld pur mɑlt friɛnd frσm the highlɑηds, ɑ MONORAL ɑlbum ɑηd I'll just bɛ hɑppy. I'm ɑ music ɑddict but ɑlsσ ɑ Trɛkkɛr, ɑ Whσviɑη, ɑ... well, I guɛss I'm just ɑ Frɛηch wσmɑη whσ lσvɛs mɑηy mɑηy thiηgs frσm ɛvɛrywhɛrɛ (◕‿◕)y
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He brought to Aragorn this huge internal life that you don’t see as much in the book. As filming progressed he became more and more Aragorn, and less and less Viggo.
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Star Trek TOS Matte Paintings by Albert Whitlock

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Happy 50th Birthday ♥

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先日のMONORAL X-Dayに来てくれた皆様、どうもありがとう!!発表が急だった為、いろいろご迷惑をかけましたね。遠くから、近場から、皆それぞれ忙しい中来てくれて本当にありがとうね。それから行きたいのにそんな急じゃ行けねーよって人たちが居た事も分かってます。ごめんね!今後は出来る限りちゃんと早めに発表できるように頑張ります。プレゼントや手紙もいろいろ頂きました。ありがとう!!CLUB MONORALもガラ系に冷たい(笑)とか色々ありますが今後ともよろしくお願いいたします!

I hope you are all enjoying your Valentine’s day, I…

ohhhhhhh THANK YOU !!! Have a great Valentine’s day full of love ♥ I was wondering how to join the club. So, I’ll be patient as I’m “one on this planet and beyond” ;) … and it’s raining in France… 


above Full MONORAL

below Stringed MONORAL

2014 2/11 LIQUIDROOM Tokyo


The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot [x]

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He mightn’t be a king, but Elrond is the coolest lord of Elves in all Middle-earth because of Hugo Weaving

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